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Former State Department Inspector General ousted by Trump confirms investigations into matters involving State Secretary Mike Pompeo

U.S. State Department Inspector General Steve LinickREUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
  • Former State Department Inspector General Steve Linick confirmed in an interview with members of Congress that his office was investigating matters involving the conduct of State Secretary Mike Pompeo.
  • According to the transcript of the interview, shared by BuzzFeed News' Jason Leopold, Linick and his office were looking to allegations that Pompeo and his wife were misuing government resources for personal errands.
  • Linick's office was also investigating Pompeo's "emergency" declaration to push billions in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and other countries, citing the transcript.
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The State Department watchdog who was fired last month by President Donald Trump confirmed his office was looking into matters involving State Secretary Mike Pompeo's conduct, BuzzFeed News' Jason Leopold reported Wednesday.
Former State Department IG Steve Linick was suddenly ousted by the president in mid-May, despite the requirement to give Congress 30-day notice before removing an inspector general. Trump claimed he "didn't know anything" about Linick's firing.See the rest of the story at Business Insider
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