49 Trump Terrorists Face Criminal Charges For Deleting Evidence Of Their Attack On Congress

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Those who attacked the Capitol defend their actions, but 49 of them are facing criminal charges for deleting evidence relating to the attack.

The AP reported, “An Associated Press review of court records has found that at least 49 defendants are accused of trying to erase incriminating photos, videos, and texts from phones or social media accounts documenting their conduct as a pro-Donald Trump mob stormed Congress and briefly interrupted the certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory.”

Many of these defendants have stated their belief in court that they did nothing wrong, but if they all really believed that, why did dozens of them rush to delete incriminating evidence from their social media accounts?

The attempted cover-up is an admission that they knew what they were doing was wrong. Some of these people believed that they could keep Donald Trump in office by attacking the Capitol.

The attack on the Capitol wasn’t post-election disappointment boiled over or a protest of the results. It was a coordinated act of violence that was intended to keep the man who lost the election in office.

The Trump terrorists don’t need to confess. By trying to delete evidence, they are admitting their crimes.

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