A chocolate company's key ingredient for warding off supply chain, inflation pressures: its customers

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Supply concatenation backlogs and inflationary pressures person taken a toll connected consumer-facing brands passim 2021, but 1 specialty cocoa institution has defied the trend. 

Jeff Stoeckel, the CEO of Connecticut-based Bridgewater Chocolate, told Yahoo Finance the institution is capable to debar the disruption acknowledgment to its niche focus, loyal customers and readying successful advance. 

Supply concatenation strains spurred the creation, orders and transportation process to beryllium successful a "condensed timeline," helium added.

"We started reasoning astir a small earlier successful the year, anticipating immoderate challenges heading into the extremity of the season," Stoeckel explained successful an interview.

He believes loyal customers played an instrumental relation successful keeping the institution distant from immoderate impact. "the biggest happening is the the closest relationships we've had person allowed america to enactment successful concern and excel during the vacation season," the CEO said 

 Bridgewater Chocolate)

(Courtesy: Bridgewater Chocolate)

Unlike different companies, similar Mondelez International (MLDZ) — which is expected to perchance hike prices of its products successful the coming years — Stoeckel says the institution did not person to walk on immoderate terms increases "yet." He noted the institution recovered it "really important" to support prices this "holiday play specifically."

"Those are challenges we'll tackle decidedly adjacent year, but it was truly important that we are 1 much twelvemonth we clasp retired and support delivering the aforesaid Bridgewater cocoa that everybody knows astatine the aforesaid terms this year," Stoeckel said. 

In the 4th fourth of 2021, Bridgewater Chocolate saw income summation 30% compared to a twelvemonth ago. Stoeckel says astir this clip of twelvemonth "chocolates are casual happening to bargain for the holidays."

In addition, the institution saw its mean bid worth spell overmuch higher than erstwhile years with radical buying "a batch much cocoa than they usually do" compared to erstwhile vacation seasons.

While online income contributed to the spike successful sales, Stoeckel believes the traditional, retail footprint helped to adhd successful sales, too. 

"Unlike the wide nutrient work industry...we marque it truly casual to bargain a truly beauteous acquisition and you tin travel into our stores speech to idiosyncratic beauteous quickly," the CEO said. "They'll usher you successful the close absorption and you tin marque your mode retired truthful it's a it's a precise harmless buying experience."

The institution presently operates from its mill store located successful Brookfield, Connecticut, on with its Factory Extension Store down the road, and a 3rd determination successful West Hartford, Connecticut.

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