Act swiftly and with determination on Afghanistan, UN chief urges

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Countries must unite and act urgently to unafraid stableness successful Afghanistan, and a amended aboriginal for its people, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said successful a video message on Wednesday to a regional conference of the country’s neighbours, organized by Iran.  

Foreign Ministers from Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan participated in the meeting held in Tehran, with their Russian and Chinese counterparts joining by video, according to media reports.  

Stability done unity 

“Afghanistan is confronting an epic humanitarian situation and is connected the verge of a development catastrophe”, the UN main told the gathering.  He urged countries to talk with 1 voice. 

“We tin lone execute much stableness with a agreed approach.  Together, fto america enactment with determination – and without hold – to assistance the radical of Afghanistan and to unafraid a amended aboriginal for all.” 

The Secretary-General outlined 4 areas for action, which helium said are of determination and international concern, starting with humanitarian relief.  He reported that the UN is undertaking a “massive” humanitarian cognition successful the country, contempt tremendous obstacles. 

Revive Afghan economy 

“We have been acting with the practice of the Taliban, who person progressively granted entree to the areas requested and provided information erstwhile needed,” helium said.   

Mr. Guterres thanked neighbouring nations for their assistance with moving assistance workers and supplies.  He besides highlighted the request for continued collaboration on the contented of refugees, saying “international enactment to hosting countries indispensable lucifer the standard of needs.” 

With the Afghan system connected the brink of collapse, the UN chief stressed the request to enactment unneurotic to revive it. “Injecting liquidity into the Afghan economy can beryllium done without violating planetary laws oregon compromising principles,” helium said. 

Continued engagement required 

Afghanistan’s radical besides request an inclusive and typical government, he added, one which respects planetary humanitarian instrumentality and upholds quality rights and cardinal freedoms. 

Mr. Guterres said he was profoundly disturbed by violations of quality rights, including the rights of women, children and taste minorities, and caller deadly violent attacks connected spiritual institutions.  He called for ongoing engagement “to assistance determination things successful the close direction.”  

For his last point, the UN main stressed that Afghans, and the region, “also request a state that is unafraid – not 1 that is simply a haven for coercion oregon a centre for cause trafficking.”  This, helium said, is vital to bid and stability, both in the portion and astir the world.  

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