Bitcoin is a ‘smart hedge,’ says billionaire investor Barry Sternlicht

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  • The Starwood Capital Group president says governments support printing wealth but nary 1 tin marque much of Bitcoin.

  • He notes that successful a satellite with specified monetary policies, the lone “smart hedge” is Bitcoin.

  • According to the billionaire, who says that 2-3% of his nett worthy is successful crypto, the terms of BTC has the imaginable to summation to $1,000,000.

Bitcoin has declined by astir 12% this past week and implicit 20% successful the past 30 days, yet billionaire capitalist Barry Sternlicht says it’s inactive the “smart hedge.”

The co-founder and president of Starwood Capital Group explained this during an lawsuit successful Miami, adding that each this is down to the crypto’s fundamentals arsenic good arsenic governments’ insatiable appetite for wealth printing.

Bitcoin is simply a “smart hedge”

Sternlicht besides talked astir the US and however a devaluation of the dollar modular could beryllium atrocious quality for investors.

He noted that it is imaginable for a script wherever China and different countries articulation forces successful economical policies aimed astatine devaluing the dollar. If this happens, helium said, it would beryllium champion for investors if they held portion of their concern successful Bitcoin.

Although helium maintains that Bitcoin has “no relation different than [as] a store of value,” Sternlicht explained that it mightiness beryllium omniscient to person it arsenic portion of an concern arsenic “a astute small hedge.”

Comparing Bitcoin to gold, the capitalist said the precious metallic too, lacks immoderate existent worth extracurricular of what has been made of it. He explains that portion radical tin person their golden jewelry, the aforesaid could use to different metals beryllium it silver, titanium, oregon platinum.

BTC to $1 million

The billionaire besides talked astir Bitcoin’s aboriginal price, noting that volatility remains and that the benchmark cryptocurrency’s worth could dip again aft this week’s breakdown beneath $50,000.

However, helium believes the marketplace is acceptable for a reversal and that Bitcoin could yet spike to much than $1,000,000. He believes that everyone (not conscionable American investors) volition soon privation an plus that nary 1 tin “make much of,” and that volition assistance the BTC price.

He noted that owed to the tiny crypto exposure, prices tanking to zero volition not beryllium excessively damaging.  However, not investing successful it and past it goes connected to deed $1 cardinal would beryllium a immense upset.

The American billionaire is an astute entrepreneur, with Forbes affluent database for 2021 estimating his nett worthy to beryllium astir $4.4 billion. He says helium has 2-3% of his nett worthy successful crypto.

Starwood Capital Group presently oversees implicit $100 cardinal successful assets nether management.

The tycoon shared his views connected bitcoin and the marketplace outlook during “The Future of Global Financial Centers", a Miami lawsuit organised by media elephantine Bloomberg.

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