Brendan Fraser Almost Missed His Meet And Greet Because He Couldn't Put His Nintendo Switch Down

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We've each been there: you person an engagement you already committed to, but you privation to play one much level. One much game, 1 much match, 1 much chapter. It's a communicative arsenic aged arsenic time, and with Brendan Fraser making his highly anticipated comeback to acting, The Mummy hero managed to marque america emotion him conscionable a small spot more than we already did by being incredibly relatable with not being capable to enactment his Nintendo Switch down. 

YouTuber Scott Lawrence shared a video of the histrion erstwhile they were trying to propulsion Fraser's attraction from his Switch console stealthily. When preparing for a instrumentality conscionable and greet, an adorably enthralled Fraser tin beryllium seen blissfully unaware of the eyes connected him portion helium plays successful a relatable infinitesimal of axenic joy. It's wholesome, and it's Monday, truthful we're taking the smiles wherever we tin get them. You tin grin alongside america successful the video astatine the apical of the article! 

For those curious, the video is from a GalaxyCon lawsuit that allows fans to chat with their favourite stars. Fraser's conscionable and greet was exceptional due to the fact that helium stepped retired of the Hollywood country for galore years for idiosyncratic reasons pursuing a drawstring of blockbuster hits like Bedazzled and, arguably astir iconically, The Mummy. Now he's coming backmost to grace america with his wholesomeness in a caller transgression escapade called Killers of the Flower Moon, which you tin larn much astir here

Personally, I'm excited to spot the emotion Fraser has been getting online pursuing his return. Seeing fans clamor to amusement him enactment is sweet, and seeing him get immoderate much-needed "me too" with his Nintendo Switch is great. Now to spot if we tin get him into immoderate Halo erstwhile Infinite arrives aboriginal this year ... we tin lone dream! 

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