Champions of the Earth: Kyrgystan’s environmental entrepreneur

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A representation of the Krygyz superior Bishkek, covered successful a heavy broad of polluted air, spurred Maria Kolesnikova to commencement an biology movement. Her efforts person been rewarded, arsenic she’s present 2021 Champion of the Earth for Entrepreneurial Vision.

Bishkek, location to astir 1 cardinal people, is among the world’s cities with the worst aerial pollution.
During wintertime months, it is often trapped nether a dome of smog derived some from its earthy situation – the city’s somesthesia is, connected average, 5°C warmer than its surroundings – and fume from the ember which is inactive utilized to vigor astir homes. 

Ms. Kolesnikova’s organization, MoveGreen, was the archetypal to show the levels of poisonous good particles successful Bishkek’s air. When the archetypal measurements came back, the squad astatine MoveGreen took their connection to a colonisation that was acceptable to listen: Bishkek’s schoolchildren.

Sensors were installed successful schools to measurement aerial prime truthful that classrooms could support their windows closed erstwhile the aerial contamination was excessively much. The occurrence of the school-based run encouraged Ms. Kolesnikova to person decision-makers to amended Bishkek’s aerial quality.

MoveGreen developed an app, present disposable globally, which displays real-time information astir aerial prime from the 2 largest Kyrgyz cities, Bishkek and Osh.

Read much astir however MoveGreen and Ms. Kolesnikova are helping to amended aerial prime successful Kyrygystan here

Champions of the Earth

  • The United Nations Environment Programme’s Champions of the Earth and the Young Champions of the Earth admit individuals, groups and organizations whose actions person a transformative interaction connected the environment. Presented annually, the Champions of the Earth grant is the UN’s highest biology honour. 
  • The United Nations General Assembly has declared the years 2021 done 2030 the UN Decade connected Ecosystem Restoration. Led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations unneurotic with the enactment of partners, it is designed to prevent, halt, and reverse the nonaccomplishment and degradation of ecosystems worldwide.
  • The Decade aims astatine reviving billions of hectares, covering terrestrial arsenic good arsenic aquatic ecosystems. A planetary telephone to action, the UN Decade draws unneurotic governmental support, technological research, and fiscal musculus to massively standard up restoration.
  • Visit to larn more.
  • UNEP’s air contamination dashboard provides real-time information connected aerial contamination crossed the world, its interaction connected quality wellness and nationalist efforts to tackle this issue.
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