Couple gets stuck with $800 energy bill

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GREEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Energy companies are informing astir soaring heating bills this winter. But immoderate Ohio homeowners are already being deed with sharply higher state and electrical rates, due to the fact that their third-party supplier contracts – locked successful astatine a debased springtime complaint – are present ending.

George Makris, trying to prevention money, ever turns disconnected the TV and the lights erstwhile nary 1 is around. He was stunned erstwhile helium received his astir caller vigor measure astatine their Green Township home.

"My woman opened the bill, and she said that we person a problem," helium said. "This measure is the highest we've ever had."

It was implicit $800, much than treble what they had been paying earlier this year.

"$828 – for 1 month," Makris said.

Makris archetypal thought determination mightiness beryllium thing incorrect with his cardinal aerial conditioning oregon his meter. That's erstwhile helium discovered his complaint had jumped dramatically.

"It went up 63 percent," helium said. "Just the electrical part."

Why bills are jumping sharply

Makris called the Ohio Public Utility Commission (PUCO) and learned his inexpensive third-party electrical supplier was abruptly not truthful cheap.

"He said, 'What happened is you were connected Dynegy, arsenic your provider, and it expired,'" Makris said the PUCO cause told him.

PUCO told Makris helium would person been sent a missive – though helium does not callback seeing it – stating that his electrical complaint was going up from 5 cents to good implicit 7 cents per kilowatt hr astatine the extremity of the summer.

The bottommost enactment is that helium has to wage the bill.

"At the extremity of the day, helium told maine Dynegy did everything by the book," Makris said. "They notified me."

Many third-party electrical and state suppliers are present raising rates sharply arsenic locked-in contracts expire.

Natural state prices person astir doubled this year, and if you were enjoying a debased complaint fastener in, you whitethorn beryllium successful for sticker daze soon.

Make definite you unfastened immoderate missive from your vigor supplier. Many radical flip these, reasoning they are junk mail, which is what Makris whitethorn person done.

If you get a missive astir a complaint hike, cheque the Ohio PUCO's "Apples to Apples" website: you whitethorn find a cheaper program there. (There is nary enactment for Kentucky residents to power providers astatine the existent time.)

Makris said helium is done with third-party suppliers for now, and is switching backmost to Duke Energy.

We checked with Duke Energy, wherever spokeswoman Sally Thelen told america to marque definite you recognize your declaration with a third-party supplier, and marque a enactment of erstwhile it ends. That mode you tin commencement looking astir for a cheaper supplier earlier you are deed with an $800 vigor bill, and you don't discarded your money.

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