Ignoring COVID-19 will just perpetuate it, WHO warns 

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That message from the caput of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Eastern Mediterranean region, indicated that the pandemic is acold from over, wherever you whitethorn live. 

Citing the latest modelling data, Ahmed Al-Mandhari said that 22 countries and territories successful the portion would astir apt spot much than 17 cardinal cases and implicit 314,000 deaths by the extremity of the year. 

Despite the vacation season, “failure to use the established nationalist wellness and societal measures could origin alarming surges successful the fig of COVID-19 cases and related deaths”, he said.  

Follow COVID guidelines 

While the Omicron variant has already been recovered successful 14 countries across the Middle East and eastbound Mediterranean region, much probe is needed earlier its interaction connected existing vaccines, diagnosis and treatment, is fully understood, the WHO Regional Director explained. 

“COVID-19 volition proceed to germinate successful the months to come; simply due to the fact that the microorganism continues to mutate”, helium continued. “This is what viruses do: they alteration arsenic they circulate”.  

He underscored that following COVID-19 prevention guidelines is “the lone mode we tin halt the microorganism from spreading…now much than ever”.  

Three bully reasons 

Dr. Al-Mandhari explained why everyone needs to instrumentality to the guidelines: “First, the wintertime play has been characterized by spikes of cases and deaths. Second, the vacation play with gatherings of friends and families. Third, the accomplishment of Omicron, which has the capableness to go a ascendant variant successful a substance of weeks wherever it emerges. 

“I indispensable besides punctual you that increasing levels of societal mixing supply the microorganism with the highest accidental to spread”, he added. 

Although everyone is bushed of proceeding astir COVID-19 and its restrictions, “we request to look an undeniable fact…the microorganism is inactive precise overmuch contiguous among us”, he added. 

‘Another storm’ rolling in  

WHO’s apical authoritative successful Europe, Hans Kluge, also issued a statement against the backdrop of rising Omicron cases, revealing that past week, Europe and cardinal Asia saw 27,000 further COVID-19 deaths and 2.6 cardinal caller cases.  

Although infections stem predominantly from the Delta variant, since its recognition 27 days ago, Omicron has been detected successful astatine slightest 38 of the 53 Member States successful WHO’s European Region

“We tin spot different tempest coming – Omicron is becoming, oregon already has become, ascendant successful respective countries, including successful Denmark, Portugal and the United Kingdom, wherever its numbers are doubling each 1.5 to three days, generating antecedently unseen transmission rates”, helium said. 

“This variant tin evade erstwhile immunity successful radical – truthful it tin inactive infect those who person had COVID-19 successful the past, those who are unvaccinated, and those who were vaccinated galore months ago”.  

Furthermore, those who person recovered from COVID-19 are three-to-five times much apt to beryllium reinfected with Omicron, compared to Delta

London is facing a tidal question    of infections from the caller   Omicron coronavirus variant.

Unsplash/Andrea De Santis

London is facing a tidal question of infections from the caller Omicron coronavirus variant.

Protect and prevent 

On a affirmative note, aboriginal grounds supports the presumption that COVID-19 vaccines proceed to bash their occupation and prevention lives. 

Because the microorganism has been transmitted mostly among adults successful their 20s and 30s, spreading successful societal and workplace gatherings, Dr. Kluge, noted “three things that we request to bash urgently”. 

“Protect ourselves done vaccination, forestall further infections, and hole wellness systems for a surge successful cases”. 

He insisted on the importance of scaling up vaccines for everyone: “If you are unvaccinated – get the jab. If you person had COVID-19 successful the past – get the jab. If you are owed a booster – get the jab”. 


Dr. Kluge said that vaccinations should go guardant on with other infection-prevention measures, specified arsenic avoiding crowded, closed, and confined spaces; keeping carnal distances; washing hands; and wearing a mask. 

“Governments and authorities request to hole our effect systems for a important surge”, helium underscored. 

Testing and tracing capacities indispensable beryllium increased, wellness and frontline workers supported hospitals prepared for a surge, helium elaborated. 

“None of our tools are made redundant by Omicron. All are arsenic applicable arsenic before, and we cognize what to do”, he said. 

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