New American McGee Alice Game, Asylum, Script Revealed

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American McGee's Alice bid took the Alice successful Wonderland beingness successful places we ne'er expected. The gruesomely morbid communicative turned Alice's imagination into a existent nightmare, and fans couldn't get enough. The bid manager wanted to dive backmost successful with a 3rd introduction and began enactment connected what's being called Alice: Asylum, and the afloat publication tin beryllium seen present connected the Patreon from some American McGee and Alex Crowley. 

McGee took to Twitter to stock the nexus to the latest Alice adventure's Patreon page, providing a communicative outline PDF for funny fans to look over. The station besides came with an invitation to articulation the Crowd Design process, Patreon oregon not, and the enactment to get the wrong scoop for arsenic small arsenic $1 a month. 

The "Alice: Asylum" Narrative Outline PDF is present publically accessible implicit connected my Patreon.

You tin articulation successful the Crowd Design process adjacent if you aren't a Patron (though you should consciousness inexpensive and soiled if you do, I mean it's similar $1 a month, travel connected man).

— ⚓ American McGee 🏴‍☠️ (@americanmcgee) August 22, 2021

A survey near the extremity of the outline allows funny gamers to supply feedback connected however the publication reads. This virtually puts the powerfulness into players' hands, giving lovers of McGee's adventures an existent accidental successful wherever this communicative goes next. 

The Patreon was archetypal included arsenic a mode to show EA determination was interest successful revisiting the huffy communicative of Alice and her mind's conjurings. It besides gives fans a accidental to supply their ain originative input passim the process, aboriginal entree to creation and plan updates, questions answered straight from the team, and adjacent accreditation during live-streamed events. 

To larn more, cheque it retired for yourself right here. Though we don't person immoderate benignant of merchandise model successful caput astatine this time, it's breathtaking to spot truthful overmuch passionateness erstwhile more, and we can't hold to spot what different twisted adventures await our mad, huffy Alice.

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