On Anniversary of Insurrection, Biden Calls For Americans to Stand Up to the Lies and Extremism That Led to It

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The country is now 6 months past the insurrection on the Capitol inspired by the previous administration. And while Donald Trump is still telling anyone who’ll listen to him that he won the election, most other GOP lawmakers have moved on.

The Republicans, though, are moving on by trying to pretend the insurrection wasn’t all that bad and doesn’t need to be investigated. Joe Biden called for unity today, but also urged Americans to stand up to the elements that led to the insurrection.

The President said in a statement, “This was not dissent. It was disorder. It posed an existential crisis and a test of whether our democracy could survive—a sad reminder that there is nothing guaranteed about our democracy.”

Biden continued:

“But while it shocked and saddened the nation and the world, six months later, we can say unequivocally that democracy did prevail—and that we must all continue the work to protect and preserve it.”

“That requires people of goodwill and courage to stand up to the hate, the lies, and the extremism that led to this vicious attack, including determining what happened so that we can remember it and not bury it hoping we forget,” Biden continued. “It requires all of us working together — Democrats, Republicans, and independents — on behalf of the common good to restore decency, honor, and respect for the rule of law.”

While Biden’s remarks are stirring, it is very likely that they will fall on many deaf ears. Recent polling shows that GOP voters blame Biden for the riots in higher numbers than they blame Trump.

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