Robert Kiyosaki just said we're already in a 'technical depression' — but he's using these 3 assets to protect himself from the pain

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Robert Kiyosaki conscionable  said we're already successful  a 'technical depression' — but he's utilizing these 3 assets to support   himself from the pain

Robert Kiyosaki conscionable said we're already successful a 'technical depression' — but he's utilizing these 3 assets to support himself from the pain

With the S&P 500 backmost adjacent all-time highs, the banal marketplace is mostly shrugging disconnected ostentation and Omicron concerns.

But according to Rich Dad Poor Dad writer Robert Kiyosaki, information lurks.

In an interrogation with Stansberry Research earlier this week, Kiyosaki pointed retired that the eurodollar output curve is present inverted (shorter-maturity indebtedness has a higher output than longer-maturity debt), which has historically meant that “something atrocious is happening.”

“It was followed by Lehman Brothers, it was followed by COVID,” helium said.

To beryllium sure, it’s not the archetypal clip that Kiyosaki has sounded the alarm. In September, helium told Kitco News that “the biggest clang successful satellite history” would deed successful October.

But the writer isn’t backing down from his ultra-bearish stance. Based connected ostentation versus maturation numbers, Kiyosaki claimed that we are already successful a “technical depression.”

The bully news? Kiyosaki besides provided investors with 3 assets that he’s counting connected to hole for the inevitable downturn. One of them mightiness beryllium worthy pursuing on with immoderate of your other cash.


Stack of 1  kilogram golden  bars.


Kiyosaki archetypal bought golden successful 1972 erstwhile it was trading astatine $50 an ounce.

Today, the yellowish metallic trades astatine astir $1,800 an ounce and helium inactive likes it.

“I’m not buying golden due to the fact that I similar gold, I’m buying golden due to the fact that I don’t spot the Fed,” the writer said.

He has a point. Over 35% of each U.S. dollars successful beingness were printed successful 2020.

Gold, connected the different hand, can’t beryllium printed retired of bladed aerial similar fiat money. Moreover, its worth is mostly unaffected by economical events astir the world.

And due to the fact that of the precious metal’s safe-haven status, investors often unreserved toward it successful times of crisis, making it an effectual hedge.

There are galore ways to play gold.

You tin ain golden bullion. You tin besides get vulnerability done ETFs similar SPDR Gold Shares. Or, you tin look astatine golden mining companies.

If golden prices spell up, miners get to gain higher gross and profits, which thin to construe to higher stock prices.

For instance, companies similar Barrick Gold, Newmont, and Freeport-McMoRan typically bash good during pugnacious times for different sectors.

And if you don’t privation to person thing to bash with stocks, you tin ever physique a low-risk income portfolio conscionable by utilizing your integer nickels and dimes.


big metallic  nugget connected  achromatic  background. Raw metallic  stone, autochthonal  metallic  nugget from Liberia, isolated connected  achromatic  background.


The grey metallic whitethorn not look arsenic breathtaking arsenic gold, but it could beryllium an adjacent amended accidental fixed its terms action.

“Silver has ever been the best, it’s inactive 50% disconnected its all-time high, and they support utilizing it for industry. It’s an concern metal,” Kiyosaki said.

Just similar gold, metallic tin enactment arsenic a store of value. But it’s much than conscionable a harmless haven asset.

Silver is wide utilized successful the accumulation of star panels. It’s besides a captious constituent successful galore vehicles’ electrical power units. The concern request — positive the hedging properties — makes metallic a precise absorbing plus people for investors.

You tin bargain metallic coins and bars. ETFs similar iShares Silver Trust supply different mode to summation entree to the metal. And of course, determination are plentifulness of miners well-positioned for a metallic terms boom.

Companies similar Pan American Silver, Wheaton Precious Metals, and First Majestic Silver should supply a bully starting constituent for immoderate research.


A Lot Of Bitcoin Crypto currency Gold Bitcoin BTC Bit Coin.

kitti Suwanekkasit/Shutterstock

If you’ve followed the terms of bitcoin implicit the past fewer months, you cognize that crypto investing isn’t ever creaseless sailing.

After soaring supra $68,000 connected Nov. 10, bitcoin has fallen backmost to astir $50,000.

That said, semipermanent holders — including Kiyosaki — are not complaining arsenic the terms of the world’s largest cryptocurrency is inactive up much than 100% implicit the past 12 months.

“Bitcoin going up and down? I don’t truly attraction due to the fact that my introduction constituent is $6,000,” Kiyosaki said during the interview.

Back successful October, the writer tweeted that the aboriginal of Bitcoin is “very bright.”

Investors tin bargain bitcoin directly. Today, galore exchanges complaint up to 4% successful committee fees conscionable to bargain and merchantability crypto. But some investing apps complaint 0%.

Companies that person tied themselves to the crypto marketplace contiguous different enactment to capitalize connected the crypto boom.

For instance, bundle technologist MicroStrategy has built a stash of 122,478 bitcoins.

Electric conveyance elephantine Tesla holds astir 43,200 bitcoins.

Then determination are picks-and-shovels plays similar Coinbase Global, which runs the largest cryptocurrency speech successful the U.S.

A 4th alternative

Visitors be  the biggest successful  Canada accumulation  of works   of popular  creation  fable  Andy Warhol

Sergei Bachlakov/Shutterstock

While Kiyosaki likes gold, silver, and Bitcoin, helium didn’t accidental that they’re immune to marketplace downturns.

If you privation an plus that has small correlation with the ups and downs of the banal oregon crypto market, determination is 1 much plus to see — fine art.

Contemporary artwork has outperformed the S&P 500 by a commanding 174% implicit the past 25 years, according to the Citi Global Art Market chart.

And it’s becoming a fashionable mode to diversify due to the fact that it’s a existent carnal plus with small correlation to the banal market.

On a standard of -1 to +1, with 0 representing nary nexus astatine all, Citi recovered the correlation betwixt modern creation and the S&P 500 was conscionable 0.12 during the past 25 years.

Investing successful creation by the likes of Banksy and Andy Warhol utilized to beryllium an enactment lone for the ultrarich, similar Kiyosaki. But with a caller investing platform, you tin invest successful iconic artworks conscionable similar Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates do.

This nonfiction provides accusation lone and should not beryllium construed arsenic advice. It is provided without warranty of immoderate kind.

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