WATCH: Fox’s Jesse Watters Accuses Kamala Harris of Promoting “Toxic Femininity”

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Joe Biden has had quite a successful start to his presidency. Thanks to a large stimulus package and ramped-up vaccine distribution, the country is starting to get back to normal.

Conservative media has had issues attacking Biden’s performance thus far. Instead, they’ve decided to attack Vice President Kamala Harris. For weeks they’ve claimed that the Vice President is failing at the border.

On Wednesday, Politico gave right-wing media a gift with a report about dissension within Harris’ staff. While the article focuses on staffers being unhappy with Chief of Staff Tina Flournoy, Fox used it to attack Harris herself. 

Jesse Watters told viewers:

“Toxic femininity in my opinion, Dana. And this isn’t just like a low-level staffer that worked for Trump saying something that got overheard by Politico and sensationalized. This is 22 people talking to Politico, not a right wing publication so you know it’s ten times worse than it actually is. It sounds like a jailbreak or a cry for help. People are leaving or have left. They’re looking to get out of there and it doesn’t surprise me because the campaign imploded and now the VP’s office is imploding.”

The Fox host continued, “She is a very insecure person. She’s riddled with insecurities, very defensive and you see that when she’s cackling like a wacko. But this is early for the disintegration of the VP’s office. We’re not even six months in.”

One of Harris’ most attractive attributes to the Biden team was her very thick skin. Attacks like this are unlikely to bother her in the slightest.

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