Writing A Successful Business Expansion Press Release

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If you're running a business, your PR team will likely be the first point of contact for journalists who want to talk about your company. You might have heard that writing a press release for new business or submitting it online is the only way to get coverage, but this isn't necessarily true. In fact, there are many ways to get published and make an impression on potential customers and partners — all without having to pay someone else to do it for you!

Your blog should be updated regularly with new content about how well the business is doing or why customers should buy from it instead of other businesses in the same industry. You can also include an image of yourself or one of your products on this page so customers know who they’re talking with when they write their reviews on Google or Facebook.* Social media accounts are another good way to share information like this because they reach people who might not otherwise find out about these kinds of opportunities!

Your Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are an effective way of keeping your customers up-to-date with what you’re doing, and they can be used to announce new products or services, provide information about your company and its industry, promote your brand.

You might also consider sending out a promotional email newsletter at the end of each month or quarter (or whatever other time period works best for you). This will let them know that it’s time for another update in case they missed one before then.

Trade publication newsletters, journals and magazines are all places that you can submit how to publish press release. The first thing to remember is that these publications are for business people and professionals who want information about the latest trends in their industry. They’re not looking for articles about how to do something or what products you sell—they want content that will help them make more money from their businesses!

The key ingredient in getting published on these sites is quality writing, so make sure to take some time preparing materials before sending them over (even if they're self-generated). You should also keep in mind that trade publications have very specific deadlines as well as guidelines on what type of information they're looking for when it comes time to publish their newsletters/journals/magazines...

Industry Blogs

Industry blogs are a great way to get exposure, but it's important that you write blog posts that are well-written and contain valuable content. Blogs are often shared on social media, so your blog post should also be relevant to your business. You can use your blog as an opportunity to promote your products and services, or even offer tips for other businesses who might want to take advantage of the same opportunity (for example: "How To Get Started With A Blog").

If you're interested in writing about trends in the industries you serve—such as financial services or technology—you may consider creating an industry news story instead of an article about yourself.

If you're looking for a more traditional publication to submit your business press releases, check out these publications:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine (http://www.entrepreneur.com/)

  • Forbes Magazine (https://www.forbes.com/)

  • Harvard Business Review (http://hbr.org/magazine)

Chamber of Commerce Newsletters / Blogs

Chamber of Commerce Newsletters / Blogs

Chambers of commerce are the places to go for local news and events. Many chambers have blogs that feature a wide range of content, such as:

  • Chamber news

  • Business directory listings, including job listings and other services available from members of the chamber.

  • Events calendar (with links to tickets)

You can also search for local chambers by state or city name on Google when you visit their website or social media pages.

If you do it right, a press release can have a positive impact on your business.

If you do it right, a press release for business can have a positive impact on your business. It’s not just about getting the word out about your product or service; it's also about creating engagement with potential customers and increasing awareness.

Here are seven tips for writing effective news releases:

  • Keep it short and to the point

  • Use plain language when possible; avoid jargon and technical terms unless absolutely necessary (and then only if they're relevant)

  • Include quotes from spokespeople who can provide insight into what makes you different from other companies in the same field of endeavor


We hope that this post has given you a good idea of where to write your next business press release. And while it’s not easy, it is possible. The key is to do your research and then go out into the world with confidence!

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